Soundcloud is losing market share.
They need to remind the world what they're about.
Best way to do that?
Show the people making the freshest music that this is where they'll get heard.

OUT Of Home

Outdoor ads play off Soundcloud's social buttons.


A beat-making web app for Instagram users. Anyone can make a beat and Soundcloud will champion their creation on @soundcloudnoisemaker.
Soundcloud's story features the hottest beats of the day. Users swipe up to enter NoiseMaker.


Reign is a 24 hour digital exclusive that music lovers simply can’t ignore.
The daily “Who’s Reigning” segment: an hour long block of the hottest tracks on Soundcloud, uploaded within the last seven days.
Any artist can make it to the top, but the pressure is on them to get the plays.

Art Direction: Dejuan Turner